Location - Filokalia Studios and Apartments in Skiathos, Achladies
Unique Location


Skiathos town is located almost 4km from Achladies beach and they are a lot of those who prefer to walk to the town centre. Apart from transport with the municipal buses that pass by in regular time intervals, or the taxis, an alternative means of transport is the sea-taxis which connect the beach with the heart of Skiathos, the Old Port. The starting line for them is found in Achladies beach precisely in front of the small market of Maniatis Garden.

In wider area of Achladies bay exist enough taverns offering various gastronomic enjoyments. The unique combination of these flavours with the breeze, colours and the smell of sea are met in each coastal restaurant in Achladies bay.

In the local confectionery and the two supermarkets that exist nearby, you can find anything from a light breakfast to cosmetics, etc.

Along the beach, there are umbrellas at your disposal and in the end of the bay here is a water sports.

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